MKN Commercial Combi Ovens

Take your kitchen to the next level with the latest German cooking technology

Our range of premium combi ovens perform in commercial facilities of all sizes from small boutique restaurants to Top Hatted restaurants, international hotel chains to large catering facilities.

Intuitive touch screen controls

More cooking capacity with FlexiRack

German engineering, efficiency and durability

Economical and environmental friendly

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Our Clients

Phoeniks has worked with some of the biggest names in the Australian hospitality sphere, and boasts over seven years experience delivering, installing and managing commercial kitchen implementation projects Australia wide. Some of our notable projects and clients include:

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MKN Combi Oven Features:

Automatic quantity detection - automatic adjustment maintains top quality

It’s magic:
FlexiCombi registers the food load by itself  and automatically activates QualityControl. The respective cooking parameters are adjusted and ensure constant first class quality. Without core temperature probe.

Top food quality assured up until serving

Optimization due to an intelligent process:
1. Cooking
2. Active cooling with SmartCool Down
3. PerfectHold holding phase
Easy, without any need for subsequent cooking or having to take out the products earlier.

Quality with low water consumption

Impressive: The respective quantity of required steam is automatically adjusted to the cooking load. Always exactly the right amount. This speeds up the cooking process and guarantees an outstanding quality of cooked dishes and at the same time the lowest amount of energy possible is consumed.

The perfect cooking chamber climate at all times

Individually controllable:
ClimaSelect plus ensures humidity and temperature measurements in the cooking chamber. Humidity can be set specific to the product in 10 perfect increments - always with the respective description. Result: reliable food quality.

Prevents steam escaping before the cooking chamber door is opened

The automatic safety steam extraction at the end of the autoChef cooking process takes care of this. The door can be opened safely without steam escaping and therefore there is a more pleasant working environment in the kitchen

Measure two core temperatures, separately and precisely

- Two probes with the same target temperature: different charge quantities of a product can be cooked at the same time to core temperature.

- Two probes with different target temperatures:  different products can be cooked at the same time to core temperature.

Optimization of energy consumption and environmentally friendly

Energy Concept: 

  • Cooking chamber door with insulated tripple glazing
  • Heat exchanger
  • New engine technology reduces connected loads*
Consumption display (energy/water) is shown after each cooking process.


Automatic cleaning: with two-in-one cartridge

WaveClean®(standard) takes over the automatic cleaning. And it works incredibly efficiently, hygienically and safely. Even the smallest corners are spotlessly cleaned automatically using only one sealed two-in-one cartridge containing both detergent and rinse agent -  and with only 35l water consumption . (Models 6 and 10 ). 

The water consumption has therefore been reduced to 36%.

FlexiCombi Options:

• Size 6.1 Electric
• Size 6.2 MAXI Electric
• Size 10.1 Electric
• Size 10.2 MAXI Electric


• Size 20.1 Electric
• Size 20.2 MAXI Electric


• Team 6.1 + 6.1
• Team 6.1 + 10.1
• Team 6.2 + 6.2
• Team 6.2 + 10.2


SpaceCombi Options:

SpaceCombi MP 
Compact - 6 x GN 1/1
Junior - 6 x GN 2/3
SpaceCombi Built-In
Compact - 6 x GN 1/1
Junior - 6 x GN 2/3



Having previously worked with the MKN SpaceCombi and other products by Phoeniks at Melbourne’s Vue de Monde, I believe this brand to be the “very best” in the business due to the modern and precise nature of their equipment.
Florent Gerardin - Executive Chef
Ôter, Melbourne VIC
I could not imagine another kitchen without the services and expertise of Phoeniks and MKN - true pioneers in leading kitchen equipment .
James Viles - Chef / Director
Biota Dining, Bowral NSW

My favourite Phoeniks product is the MKN FlexiCombi, which "is an additional chef in the kitchen due to its accuracy and ease of operation.” We source both organic and free range produce from local farmers and the MKN FlexiCombi enables us to steam produce without changing the texture of it. It also offers a huge cooking chamber, which ensures we are delivering timely, high-quality dishes to our customers.

Philippe Mouchel - Chef / owner
Philippe, Melbourne VIC

To learn more call  1300 405 404  or

Download Brochure

To learn more call  1300 405 404  or

Download Brochure

To learn more call  1300 405 404  or

Download Brochure